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by Sharon Maher

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Elie Saab pastel touched wedding dress

Couturier Elie Saab is a red carpet sensation, and his wedding dresses are beautiful dreams, made of the finest rich fabrics and elegant lace adorned with the most detailed embroidery.

His wedding dresses are amazingly bright, elegant and chic designs, that are on the wish list of every bride.

Elie was born in Lebanon in 1964 and started designing dresses at an early age for his sisters, and from there he started to sell his dresses to the women in his neighbourhood.

In 1982 he started designing wedding dress after discovering that he had a great love of art and wanted a way to express this love in the only way he knows, designing beautiful dresses.

Since then, Elie Saab wedding dresses collections have been the talk of the international press, fashion editors and colleagues worldwide.

Everyone gives great praise to his workmanship, style and design detail. He finds beautiful women give him the main  inspiration for these fabulous wedding dress creations.

You may find a Saab wedding dress a little too expensive and out of reach for your wedding dress budget, but his style and ideas can be taken and used in the design of your very own wedding dress.

You can consider buying an off-peg wedding dress design and embellish it with a touch of Elie Saab style by adding lace sleeves, pastel lace overlay, tiny silk cover buttons or simple embroidery.

Elie Saab wedding dress collection Spring 2013

With today’s wedding dress fashion being lacey and frilly take care and choose a style that suits your body shape.

Lace long sleeves are a classic style used by Elie and can be very forgiving for most brides to hide square shoulders or larger arms.

You will also find poet sleeves a very attractive option where the wedding dress sleeves are pleated at the shoulder and slightly pleated where they finish, at the wrist or below the elbow.

Another Elie Saab style is cap sleeves, and lace cap sleeves look divine on a wedding dress.

Elie also adds soft pastel shades of lace to embellish his wedding dress styles with a matching lace veil.

Your budget may not allow you to saunter down the aisle in an Elie Saab wedding dress, though if you still want a little bit of Elie Saab style at your wedding his perfume, with the smell of flowers and wood, is accessible and affordable to every bride!

Photos courtesy of Elie Saab


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