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One of the first, but the most difficult tasks when organising your wedding day is bringing together your wedding guest list, and agreeing and finalising it with your immediate family.

When putting together your wedding guest list there are several factors to take into consideration, from the size of your chosen wedding venue, the mood you are trying to create, ensuring you keep both families happy, to keeping within your wedding budget.

Remember the more guests you invite the more expense you will have. I suggest you don’t over stretch your budget here as it may be necessary to make cutbacks in other areas of your wedding. The main function at a wedding reception is to entertain your wedding guests and this can be a very costly exercise.

To create a wedding guest list you can split the guest numbers between the bride and groom’s family, with immediate family coming first, followed by close friends, then other acquaintances or distant relatives. Remember it is polite to invite the person who is going to perform your wedding ceremony and his or her partner.

You must decide at the start of this task whether to invite children, guests’ partners or distant relatives, as this decision can make a huge difference to the wedding size and budget. If you decide on no child then you must make sure you don’t relent on one or two parents as you run the risk of upset other parents.

If you have only a very small venue or a small wedding budget, you can think about have two separate types of invitations: with one set of invitations for just the immediate family and friend to join you for a formal celebration wedding breakfast; and the second set of invitation for an evening disco and buffet celebration.

The normal rule of thumb, suggests that on average, 10 percent of guests invited to your wedding will decline the invitation.

You wedding invitation task list:

• allocate a number of wedding invitations to each set of parents and give them a guest list name.
• allocate the rest of the invitations to yourselves,
• compile a master list for the first round of invitations.
• have a second list of possible guests to take the place of those unable to attend.
• record all replies and this will give you your final wedding guest numbers
• outline your wedding table plan.

Use these headers to record your guest information:
Guest List:
Guest Name:

RSVP:                                                                    Number in party:
Gift:                                                                       Thank You Note Sent:

Once this task is complete you will find the other wedding task to be much more simple.

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