Industrial Styling

Event Venue Styling…

Any venue from a marquee to an industrial building can be transformed with creative venue styling into the perfect place to hold a party, wedding or corporate event.

Sharon and her team love to take a blank canvass and transform it into a memorable stage for any event.

We recognise that the success of any event starts with a personal vision.

So, the whole creative process begins with a meeting to discuss ideas, tastes and themes over a cup of coffee, and we encourage you to bring things with you including magazines, favourite objects or photos. Anything that will help us understand your tastes.

Harwood ceremony room

Then we get creative.

After a bit of blue sky thinking we get our ideas onto a mood board, and estimate the costs.

After another meeting, or two, or three! … and more coffee, or tea, or pop … we reach an agreement on your theme, get your sign off and then the enjoyable bit (for us)¬†begins!

We start visiting suppliers, going online and sourcing all those lovely items to make your event have a wow factor, and we keep you in the loop every step of the way, leading up to the event itself.

Gangsters and molls

Click on the following links to look at some real events that we have styled.

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